Merge accounts (BSA 13660333/13145889)

I think this is the right place to request this - can these two account please be merged:

  • BSA 13660333 (this is the one registered and that keeps syncing)
  • BSA 13145889 (this is the one with her correct email and that she logs in with)


@DavidGlick this is fixed - user needs to user the user name and password to log in - NOT email

I think I have a similar problem.
I had two Scoutbook accounts (one for my current council and one for my old council I moved from).
My current council admin person merged them but under the old ID. So I have to have my old ID as primary to have access in Scoutbook but switch to my new ID to add events for the same troop in Internet Advancement. Member ID 137109523 is my new ID.

@christophergjere are you currently in Cherokee or Winnebago?

I am in Cherokee Council now

@christophergjere ok you should be good to go now

or parents can try this
MYST Transfer tool.pdf (222.1 KB)

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