Merge BSA Member Accounts

I have 2 BSA Accounts that need merged please. The account that is not my active account is BSA ID 129912615. The account that I use is Member ID 14099206, SB user ID 107372. I’d like them merged under the 140… account please. Thank you for your help.

@KatherineHopkins this is fixed to the degree it can be

My.Scouting shows both the primary and secondary accounts. Can I delete the 2nd account, or will that cause more headache?

The Primary one was messed up - I cleaned it up - the systems just needs to sync

I need to merge 2 kids accounts to both be under (removed by Moderator). One of them I have to login under username (removed by Moderator) and I would prefer both to be under my email if possible.

J.-Troop 134 (removed by Moderator)
BSA Member ID:

T. Pack 1225 (removed by Moderator)
BSA Member ID:

@JodiWhite Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

We can request that your usernames also be merged, but the BSA’s systems do not like e-mail addresses as usernames for some reason.

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Okay. If they can be merged to 1 account, I can use that login for future.

@JodiWhite Your usernames have been merged.

The username that is the same as your e-mail address is the survivor.

What does survivor mean?

@JodiWhite The survivor is the username that is left after the merging process. You can log in to the survivor, which is your e-mail address.

Thank you so much! Also, my son is now in a Troop so all his pack info is gone from Dashboard. I went to reports, cub history and have printed that report but is there something showing what each award looks like so I can make sure I’ve got them all? Like the dashboard has but now that he’s a troop its gone now for the pack.

@JodiWhite If you have your Scout’s Cub Scout History Report, then maybe try:

Did your son just join a troop last month (December)? It looks like he has earned some merit badges, but the date completed is January a year ago (2022). I would recommend double-checking the dates on those merit badges.

Yes we joined mid December and they went to Winter Camp end of December and earned those. Thank you for your help.

@JodiWhite I would recommend talking to your son’s Advancement Coordinator about getting those merit badge completion dates corrected.

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Will do! I see what you’re talking about now. Just messaged them.

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