Adult cannot merge two BSA IDs

I need some help again sir. Fast forward from my last post, and now I’m a committee chair trying to clean up our rosters.

I have one adult on our roster (no names please) with BSA ID 14063067. He re-did his YPT and the certificate shows BSA ID as 13097104. He tried to merge the two accounts (Manage Member ID function on but it doesn’t allow it. Perhaps two separate logins? Regardless, if you can help, that would be much appreciated sir. If able, he can login to the 13097104 account, so if that can be his primary, but linked to our unit, Boys Troop 343, that would be ideal.

@MichaelAcosta not how it works - he needs to use username (firstname).(lastname) - 3067 is the number he is registered under - ALL the training will fix itself - NO MORE log in by email

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So why is he listed on our Troop roster with BSA ID 14063067?

cause that is the correct number - only the my.scouting roster matters

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Thanks. The roster number (3607) is the primary. However, all his training is attached to the other one. It has been over 24 hours since he re-did his YPT, but nothing has synched.

Check again tomorrow. An overnight process is needed to complete the merging of multiple IDs.

Here is the weird thing…he listed one as the primary, but he did not have the option to “merge” BSA IDs.

If he removes the old one, will all the training transfer over automatically to his primary? I sure do not want him to have to do all of his positional and Youth Protection Training all over again.

His ID is setup correctly. He should not touch it. Both member IDs need to remain on it.

I’m not sure how having 2 IDs is “set up correctly”. What I need is his new and current YPT to move over from one account to the one on our Troop roster so I can show him as now being YPT compliant.

Merging hasn’t been an option for quite some time now.

I merged mine a few years back…not sure when the option went away. I’ve reached out to our Council to see if they can figure it out. Thanks everyone for trying to help.

@MichaelAcosta His training has merged onto the primary BSA member ID number.

Each council has a separate non-overlapping set of BSA Member ID numbers, largely for historical reasons. As a result, if a scout or scouter is registered in more than one council, they (by definition) must have more than one BSA Member ID.

When someone logs into my.scouting and creates an account (for example) to take YPT or other training, it generates a BSA ID. That ID is not necessarily assigned to the council in which the person will eventually register. Thus, an “extra” BSA Member ID gets generated, and has to be put under management.

I know that, when I called National several years ago (back when they still had direct volunteer access to Member Care personnel, which was long pre-COVID), they indicated that they had to put my BSA Member IDs under management, essentially the same way as what is done now. So, while it’s possible that, at some relatively distant time in the past, BSA Member IDs could be merged, that time has been gone quite a while. There may be a special case where one of the BSA IDs does not have a background check associated with it, but that might not be true anymore, either.

ETA: Apparently it wasn’t so far in the past that it could be done. See Jennifer’s post below.

Councils used to have the ability to merge BSA member IDs (MIDs) with ScoutNET. However, ScoutNET was retired about a year and a half ago.

Now BSA MIDs can no longer be merged, but they can be managed (Manage Member ID).

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Out of curiosity, was that only for within-the-same council BSA MIDs? Or did it previously work across council boundaries in ScoutNET? I ask because I was told at the time that my MIDs couldn’t be merged, only managed, and they were from separate councils.

I think it was only within a single council.

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I just told a council rep about the problem and she replied with “Accounts are merged and synced”. I went online, and sure enough, all fixed.

All good now. Thanks to everyone for spending some time to help solve this problem.

I know a leader who has 3 IDs. One for a south east council and two different Midwest councils.