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We live in a military town and I have multiple people (youth and adults) that have multiple BSA ID’s. In some cases, there are two Scoutbook accounts and both show up on my roster. In other cases, I only have one account showing, but it is the “wrong” one as it’s missing the Scout’s history.

Is there a link to step by step instructions on how to merge accounts? I believe I know how to walk parents through setting their primary BSA ID. I’m just not sure which ID to tell them to pick? In one case, we have an adult with 9 or 10 BSA ID’s. Not sure which should be his primary.

For the Scout’s, most of the time one of the accounts has all the history and the other does not. So I just want the other Scoutbook account to go away. But since this is a very common issue for us, I’d like to know what to do if we end up with a kid with multiple accounts with achievement records split between the two.

Any tutorials out there or more info on how everything interacts? I know my council could sort it out, and I know who my registrar is. But they are still recommending we do paper applications to fix things and this time of year they are slammed and simply can’t respond quickly.

Unfortunately merging of accounts can’t be done by users. Post the BSA Member IDs (no names) here and a member of the SUAC will get them merged.


Ah, okay. Does setting a certain ID as primary even matter if they are going to merge them?

Thanks for the help, here are the accounts in question:

13581732 and 13648631
13093317 and 13380568

133438413 and 13858089
13367922 and 137169959
136031718 (this Scout has two Scoutbook accounts, but the BSA ID’s are the same for both accounts)

@Yddeyma we can only merge Scoutbook Accounts - do all of these have multiple? Manage MID can solve the rest for users

Here is the updated info:

13581732 and 13648631 (two Scoutbook accounts)
13093317 and 13380568 (two Scoutbook accounts)

133438413 and 13858089 (one Scoutbook account in my unit, missing history, old unit sent other ID)
13367922 and 137169959 (two Scoutbook accounts)
136031718 (two Scoutbook accounts, but the BSA ID’s are the same for both accounts)

#1 - user name is Mjaubuchon
#2 - user name is her email
Scout 1 - fixed
Scout 2 - you need to talk to council and get back to us - both MIDs are registered in your council
Scout 3 - fixed

Thanks! What do I ask my council to do, exactly? Can they do the merge or should I ask them to do something else?

probably - just tell them it looks like a scout is registered twice - and give them the info

I have a parent with two scoutbook accounts as well which need to be merged

BSA Id 137310239 and 137310240


@AnnaKinman Those BSA member numbers have 2 different dates of birth.

ok, thanks. I guess one is the child. The parent can’t log in though so I don’t know what is going on. I assumed they had the two accounts which was causing the problem but I guess I am back to square one. They say they are using the forgot password button but never get a link to change it. Any ideas?

I have a scout with 2 BSA numbers. Can these be merged?
Old - 134527661 (first name is spelled wrong)
New - 13883860 (first name is spelled correctly)

@LynneObrien probably best to talk to council on this one - why a council gave an existing scout a new MID is confusing

He dropped out a few years ago and just reregistered.

@LynneObrien still should not have been given a new number - talk to council

Check the email address that is associated with the adult account. If it is not the address they are currently using, I would get that in order first. Sometimes, the email address dates back to when their kid was a tiger scout. Once the email address is fixed, the adult may have more success with the “forgot password” functions.

If they are just a parent, change the address in Scoutbook (can be done by Scoutbook Admin or Key 3). If they are registered, the proper place to change it is probably from the Roster interface of “my.scouting”. I think this is the master for all the SSO (single sign on). One of your Key 3 can change their email address there.

@JanellBunger-Spiecha this is not correct - only before a user logs in the first time can an admin change the email address

After they have logged in Email locks for admin - is actually hidden I believe - but the user can change it themself

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