Merge duplicate adult IDs

We added an adult leader to our troop roster and they were given new BSA and Scoutbook IDs. Our council registrar isn’t sure how to fix that.

Can you fix it, and also provide tips I can share with our registrar? Thanks!

Existing Account
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

New Account:
SB User ID:
BSA Member ID:

@JasonDaughenbaugh It looks like BSA 14589345 was created first. 14728271 was created about a month later.

As a best practice, I would recommend that units do not create Scoutbook accounts for parents. Instead, guide parents into creating my.scouting accounts and try to get them to connect to their BSA member number (many parents already have one).

Looking at this adult leader, he has the wrong BSA member ID number set as “primary” at my.scouting. Your local council should be able to fix that or the user can fix by logging in at my.scouting and using “Manage Member ID” to set 14589345 as “primary” on his username.

This adult leader also has 2 Scoutbook accounts. Your local council can merge them with their Volunteer Support Tools (VST) or we can do it.


This is actually a scout who crossed over to our troop from a pack. The parent had been a leader in that pack so already had a scoutbook account and BSA ID. Once the parent decided to join our troop committee we submitted an adult application for him to register as a leader in our unit. This new adult application resulted in a new BSA ID, and new scoutbook account. This new scoutbook account is not linked with his son, nor his payments log etc.

I am just trying to figure out how to get his new BSA/Scoutbook ID’s merged with his existing scoutbook account access, so he will have his same scoutbook account (properly linked with son, payments log etc) and also be on the roster as a leader. Right now his scoutbook account does not have his leader role (but otherwise is the same as always).

This issue happen every time we add a parent to our leadership - I think it may be something to do with needing a new BSA ID to track YPT or something like that. But since this happens every time, I would like our registrar to know how to fix it.

I will forward this info to our registrar and see if they can fix it.


@JasonDaughenbaugh I found 4 BSA member numbers for this adult. Three of them were missing dates of birth (DOBs), which suggests that they were created by a unit from within Scoutbook.

I have merged this user’s Scoutbook accounts and set the correct BSA member number as “primary”.

One thing you can do is contact your local council Registrar and ask them to use their Registrar tools to look up the Scout, go to the “Relationships” section, and add this parent with BSA member number 14589345.

One way to avoid this (or at least minimize chances of it occurring) is to include the existing BSA ID on the adult application when they become/transfer as a leader. It’s in the lower right corner of the paper application.

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