Duplicate Adult Account Needing Merged

I have an Adult who has an application to be a leader. Their Scoutbook BSA ID is 140645691, however when they completed YPT, the certificate has 137226554. What is the process to merge these two accounts?

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Michael Sandell

@MichaelSandell This is for New Birth of Freedom Council?

It is.

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I don’t want to hijack this thread so take care of Michael’s issue first.

With all the duplicate merge posts, this one was the most recent and seemed appropriate.

When council made an adult account, they misspelled the name creating a duplicate account for an adult already in the Pack. The adult’s old membership is connected to his older son, the new account his younger son.

I’ve got the spelling fixed but now I see two parents listed under the younger scout and one listed under the older scout (the original).

Council says they can’t merge, anything SUAC can do?

Original member ID: 133172637
New member ID created by mistake: 140685140



Member IDs can’t be merged, only managed. The adult can go into Manage Member IDs in my.scouting.org and add the 140 ID to the my.scouting.org ID.

The Council should move any Scouts linked to the 140 ID to the 133 ID using the Relationships tab of Registrar tools. The Council can use Volunteer Support Tools to merge duplicate Scoutbook accounts if they exist.

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@MichaelSandell I used Manage Member ID, and BSA member ID 140645691 is set as “primary”. The training has been copied onto the primary BSA member number.

This user has 2 usernames at my.scouting. It looks like the user logged in to both usernames on November 1.

The BSA’s systems do not like e-mail addresses as usernames, so I would like to retire that one.