Merge my Accounts, please

Good morning,

I have two Scouting accounts, one from the district I grew up in and one where I’m serving right now. I need to have these ideally merged into the Mecklenburg County district with all the associated training I have put in the Gemstone district.
Here are the two accounts:

My original Member # and his youth protection was completed under ID 9665311. (Gemstone District 420)

When he applied to be a registered leader, he was given an additional ID of 140268997 (Mecklenburg County)

Thanks ahead of time.


I’ll look into this for you


You have 2 BSA Member IDs (MID) because you changed councils. Each Council has its own set of IDs.

The system was not able to link your Scoutbook accounts because the names on the accounts are different. I presume your legal name is on your 140 MID while your 966 MID uses your middle name as your first name.

You have 2 IDs. We need to merge these. Do you want to keep the one that uses the Google Login button or the one that uses your e-mail address without using Google Login?

Google Login, please! Thank you.

Your accounts have been merged. Training should merge within the next few hours.

I recommend you contact your Council and have them add your son with first initial J to your registered MID 140268997 using the Relationships tab of Registrar Tools. Only your son with first initial T is linked to your MID.