Merge my two accounts

Please merge my two accounts:

SB User: 12143877 BSA: 122538855

SB User: 12597744 BSA: 14020577


Can you first work with your council to determine which member number is your go forward number since they are both in the same council?

Thanks Jacob, I’ve info copied my response to our Committee Chairman to find out which one would serve best.

Dwane R. Boucher

Hey Jacob,

This is the response I got from our Committee Chair, David Creamer:

“This one 14020577 has no real info attached to it. Which ever one has your training listed under is the best one.”

So let’s merge then delete 14020577

Thank you!

Dwane R. Boucher

Your council registrar would need to move your registration over to the other one first. That’s not something I can do. I can clean everything else up after that is done.

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