Merge parent IDs

I’m hopeful this will solve a bunch of issues.

A user logs in with Google, and that log in is attached to BSA ID 14125352. There is a second ID, 137452316, which was created for him at some point. We would like to keep the “141” number. I think this user’s YPT and other training (as well as his permissions as his younger child’s den leader) are attached to the “137” number, so I am hopeful that all of that information can be merged into “141”.

Summary: Merge 137452316 into 14125352, keeping the latter ID.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

@JeffreyCieslak OK this is fixed - kept the 316 as that had his Scouts attached in a better way

I am having similar issue with duplicate parent.
I have a user with SB User ID:12984803 that is getting a message that a duplicate exist.

@JeremyBruce1 that is fixed

Well, I’m still seeing the other one, but I’m guessing that all has to shake out some other way.

The new issue is that one of the scouts connected to this parent ID has no BSA ID.

The SB user ID is 1855564
The BSA ID on our charter is 134694853, but that only appears in and not scoutbook. Can it be added to the Scoutbook record?

I realize that this is not anyone’s problem here, but it is exceedingly terrible that these systems seem to use different DBs.

@JeffreyCieslak well that was messy - but I think it is all cleaned up now

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