Merge two account numbers

A leader has 2 BSA numbers, both associated with the same email address.

137515519 (only has one old YPT Certification record) and
14402139 (has the bulk of his training records including current YPT, Hazardous Weather, BALOO etc).

Can you please merge them ?

Generally speaking, if all of the PII matches (e.g. name, DOB, etc), users should be able to bring all of their known BSA IDs under management using Manage Member ID at my.scouting. They might still need SUAC assistance to get Scoutbook accounts merged/retired, or possibly in tracking any unknown BSA IDs down.

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@EdenReagan in this case calling council is best plan - the council has registrations on Both MIDs - they need to clean it up and consolidate it to one


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