Need to merge two accounts!


I have a dad who has done YPT under a different Member ID# and now we need to merge the two accounts in Scoutbook.

BSA ID# 13921441 - This one is Dad
BSA ID# 8669136 - This one has his YPT (and I believe is the correct ID#)

Both accounts in Scoutbook have the same email address (which I didn’t think was possible!) and I can’t edit either since trying to change one throws the error that the email is being used by another account.

Any advice would be great, thanks!


The MIDs are in two different Councils.
13921441 is in Council #218 Pine Tree Council and has YPT.
8669136 is in Council #216 Katahdin Area Council and is registered as Lion Adult Partner.

I need to know which is the correct MID then we can merge the Scoutbook accounts and make sure it has the correct MID.

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