Merge two accounts (parent & leader)

I need assistance with merging a parent account that is not set up with SSO and a registered leader account.

Name: Melinda XXXXXXXXXX
Unit: Troop 832

@DrewQ This should be fixed.

Thank you Jennifer!!!

Have a new parent/leader I am trying to connect who has forgotten her old password. She was a scouter/Woodbadge in Utah around 2011-14 and now has kids in Scouting. Her YP cert giver her member # as 12511349, she was a tiger parent last year with # 136754724 and our council just registered her as a committee member with # 14177403.
I need to get her connected and right now she is unable to reset her pw. her contact email is XXXXXXXXXX. She was with LDS unit in Utah and we are delighted to get a Woodbadge trainer parent now with kids cub scout age. Hope to merge her training records as well.

Thx in advance Dan Montjoy XXXXXXXXXX

@GuyMontjoy I am looking in to this for you.

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