Merge User ID's

Could you please merge old User Id 10298764 with currently used User ID 11231699, BSA 3 134594623

Thank you

@CD32 these are fixed

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I also have two accounts. One connected to our old council (Daniel Webster) and our current council (National Area). My name is spelled wrong in one account and my YPT was completed in the wrong account. I have two scouts in BSA, but can only see one. Can these two accounts be merged with the proper spelling of my name (Toulotte), under the correct council (National), include my YTP and include both my scouts?

Member #s 136028412 and 137183643

  • now I see two more IDs?! 13656905 and 137183694?! I’m so confused.

@KristenToulotte I am taking a look at this

@KristenToulotte think this is all fixed - Do NOT use email to log in - use your credentials - user name is (first initial)(last name)

@DonovanMcNeil Thanks again!

Hello, I have a similar problem, I have two profiles in Scoutbook both tied to my scout. the correct ID is 136361724. I do not know the ID of the wrong profile, it does not have my correct contact info and I am unable to log in under that one. Is there a way it can be deleted? Thanks!

@KarissaBedi This should be fixed now.

Same heretwo IDs. I had the council merge them, but SB now says some else is using my email on SB. My original SB account was under 127026994. my.scouting is now 131570411. Can my SB accounts be merged under my current my.scouting ID?

@ThomasLiljemark Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

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