Merging my old and new BSA accounts

Hello, I see a number of other people getting results for this situation, so I’m hopeful it works for me too. I was a Scout in the '90s and recently rejoined as a committee member for my daughter’s troop. I created an account at My.Scouting and all was well, then this week I decided to join the National Eagle Scout Association, only to find that I have a different ID there from back when I earned Eagle in 1996 in my original council. I’ve tried the Manage User ID route suggested, but it isn’t letting me add enter the second ID.

(One wrinkle may be that my 1990s ID uses only my first initial since I go by my middle name, while my current ID spells my first name out)

Original ID (used for NESA): XXXXXXXXXX (first name listed as X)
Primary ID (used on My.Scouting when registering): XXXXXXXXXX (first name listed as XXXXX)

I’d greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide so I can have all my information and affiliations in the same place!

@BobBritten Manage Member ID does not work when the name or date of birth does not match.

I was able to add your BSA member numbers and merge your Scoutbook accounts.

Thank you! I see both accounts now, with my current listed as primary. I appreciate the quick assistance.