Merging of two records for one adult

I have an adult with two different BSA numbers needing to be merged. I asked before but cannot seem to find the guidance. Current number is 137138830. Previous number was 13387276… I am trying to recharter. His updated YPT is on old number. Thanks. Bob:

I am checking in to this for you.

@RobertSellers1 I have used Manage Member ID to add all of his BSA member numbers and set 137138830 as “primary”. It looks like his training has merged. However, you might have to wait for an overnight process to run before it shows up for you in Recharter.

Normally, users can use Manage Member ID for themselves at my.scouting, but it might not work for them if their full name and DOB do not match exactly.

Jennifer, thank you for your help. I will check it tomorrow. Thanks again.

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