Parent with Two ID #s/accounts


I need to have two accounts merged. A parent registered their twins online and somehow created two accounts for themselves, one for each child.

Merge: 14841426 into 14637637 They use/have activated the second number in Scoutbook for communications so keeping that would be best.

Thanks for any help!


@MatthewMickletz I am looking in to this.

@MatthewMickletz This should be fixed.

BSA 14637637 is the one with the parent / child relationships in my.scouting, so that is the one that is set as primary.

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Great! Thank you! I’ll pass it on to the parent.


I have the same issue - I am a new parent to scouting and have been trying to get my twins set up in Scoutbook for almost a year. Our new cubmaster tells me they are finally both in Scoutbook, but they are associated with two different parent accounts which are both “mine” - one is apparently a very old account from when I was a scout, which I can’t get into, and the other is a new account I set up when trying to get my kids set up. I have tried getting into the old account by email address plus birthdate, but do not get a confirmation email - perhaps because that account is so old (20+ years old, probably).

Do I need to post their IDs and my IDs here in the hopes that we might get help? I would rather not post IDs so publicly.

@Don I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.

I recommend contacting your local council and ask them to use their Registrar Tools to look up your children. In the Relationships" section, they should make sure that you are listed as parent only under BSA member number XXXXXX515. They should remove you if you are listed as parent under any other BSA member numbers. Otherwise, your BSA member numbers might get switched at Recharter.

Thank you very much for the merge. Will do!

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