Merging Parent

I need to do several things to get duplicate parent accounts merged.

140166149 & 12909236 are the same person and we need to merge them.

I am pretty sure all their YPT is tied to 12909236 so it would be preferable to merge them into that one since we are trying to get them set up as an adult leader.

She is tied to Scout 140341446 who was previously 137005594.

I am going to hold off on trying to fix her connection to her son until we can get them merged.

@ReidHollander Is this for Adventure West Council? Her BSA member ID number for that council is 140342555.

Is the parent’s name supposed to be hyphenated? I found other BSA member ID numbers for her, and they are hyphenated.

Yes, this is for Adventure West.

I’m not sure about the hyphenated name. 140342555 is a new number for me, are you saying there are 3 numbers attached? I’m not sure how to look in her profile to see.

@ReidHollander Please ask the parent if her last name is supposed to be hyphenated.

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