Merging Scoutbook user IDs

I have a Den Leader that created a second Scoutbook User ID and need helping merging two or deleting the newly created one so they can regain access. The new SB ID is 13333850 and the original one is 12072769. Thank you for your help!

@LauraHollingsworth this is fixed - their Sign in with Google remains

I have the same issue:
ID# 14750779
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ID# 110278243
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Dave Truesdale

@DavidTruesdale1 Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Please contact your local council and Registrar Tools to look up your child (or children). In the “Relationships” section, they should make sure that you are listed as parent only under your primary BSA member number 14750779. They should remove you if listed under other numbers. Otherwise, your BSA member numbers might get switched at Recharter.

Thank you!!!
Dave Truesdale
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