Multiple Scoutbook Merge

Hello, I have a few duplicate accounts I need merged. Two are my kids and one is a scout of mine.

This is very frustrating for those of us in military troops and who have to move every couple years.

My Son has three
SB User ID: 10071798
BSA Member ID: 136304925

SB User ID: 11442320
BSA Member ID: 137023431

SB User ID:11651505
BSA Member ID: 137148790

My Daughter has two accounts

SB User ID:11745328
BSA Member ID:137023435

SB User ID:10071800
BSA Member ID:137158528

And the Scout that just moved to my troop is
SB User ID:12468369
BSA Member ID:14231612

BSA Member ID: 137081765

@AnthonyWeaver will talk a look at this - as long as applications are filled out exactly the same way it should make it easier

@AnthonyWeaver this is fixed - on the third Scout - work with council on DOB - there are discrepancies

I have spoken to Council. They fixed the DOB on the new one. Please merge when capable.

@AnthonyWeaver The third Scout should be fixed.

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