Merging Two Adult Profiles in Scoutbook

Hello! We have an Adult Leader in our Pack who seems to have two profiles in Scoutbook - one that she currently uses regularly and the other that she has not used at all and is still considered “pending”. Can someone help us either delete the pending account or merge the two?

The account she uses regularly that we want to keep is:
SB User ID: 10479761
BSA Member ID: 136568380

The one we want to delete/merge into the other one is:
SB User ID: 11546028
BSA Member ID: 13648963

Thanks in advance for any help!

@MonicaBoudreaux this is fixed - user needs to use username and password - NOT email to log in

  1. Please merge 13698794 and 135304490. 135304490 should be the surviving account.
  2. Please merge 137275729 and 13950511. 137275729 should be the surviving account, but she should also remain the Lion den leader.

@MarkZiety these are done

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