Merging two User IDs

Please merge the following two accounts.
We want to keep User ID 5225138 because it has the correct BSA member ID and the advancements
User ID 12280653 has the patrol information and profile picture.
Thank you.

@AndrewCoats this is fixed

Thank you for your help. I am the other parent to the user you merged above. When I look at the user id from above, I have three parent accounts. I think the correct one is User ID 12461249. It had the correct BSA number. Can all three accounts be merged into one? Thank you.

@VickiCoats this is fixed - you need to check your DOB in Scoutbook as there were 2 different ones

If it is not too much to ask, I am having the same problem. Old user ID (14037111)has my YPT listed. New ID seems to be stuck in my old (TX Trails) council. Can you please merge them to 134541581? Thank you!

@EvanEpstein this should be fixed - might take time for training to merge

Thank you Sir. Much appreciated.

@EvanEpstein what is year of Birth? 80 or 89 - both are in system?


  1. Thank You.

Thank you. I just looked an my DOB is incorrect. How do I change the DOB field? It is grayed out and I can’t change it. Thank you for all your help.


You need to contact your Council to have your DOB corrected

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