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My troop suggested this forum could help with my topic:

I am a trained committee member in Troop 622 Ventura Council. reflects this and training.

However, there are some mis-matches in the connection between different accounts I have had in the past with different councils - my member # is the same but shows in scoutbook as two accounts with two user profile IDs.

Member # 136703377

USER ID 1: 9631509
USER ID 2: 7629901

How do I get these merged into one account so it shows all of my training and reflects my current council and position?


@NielSmith few issues here - Scoutbook is not official for Training that is

you also had an MID of 136703377 - I added this (which had training) to your current MID so training should sync

I will also merge the SB accounts

So I have a new scout that has transferred into our Troop from an outside council.
He has two BSA IDs, which I understand, new council, new BSA ID. But he also has two User IDs. So since he has two scoutbook profiles, one is loaded with all his advancements and such while the new one is completely blank, but is the only one on our official roster and hooked up to sync.

is there a way, without going through our registrar (she is new), to merge the User IDs so the new BSA ID with our council has all his old competed stuff?

His BSA ID is 134122303
His User ID is 1462852

His new BSA ID is 137298016
His new User ID is 11863236

Second point, what can we do as a unit to make sure this doesnt happen again? His IDs were provided when he registered.

@MarkSmurda this could not have been helped - the DOBs are different - a registrar had fat fingers - Old has Month 12 - New has month 02 - give me a minute to look and will get it merged

texting mom for correct DOB

OK the SB users are merged - Address might be wrong though but you can fix that and check Council under edit profile

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17 dec is the correct dob

ok that is on the new MID for DOB so good

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Thank you Donovan! Appreciate the support.

Hi Donovan,

Thanks again for the help I apparently still have an SB account with NCAC council somehow in scoutbook (Ventura County Council is current). I don’t show it in MyScouting, how do I merge this?

Thanks again!

@NielSmith I found one other - really does not effect adults - but I merged them

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