Merit Badge Counselor List

Can IA 2.0 users see the Council Merit Badge list like Scout Book Users can?

If you can log in to Internet Advancement then you can log in to Scoutbook using the same ID and password.

Go to My Dashboard → Administration → click on your troop then select Merit Badge Counselor (MBC) search. If your council has uploaded their MBC list, you will have good results. If the council has not uploaded its MBC list, results could be limited.

I am the Council Registrar and am trying to understand this from the volunteer’s point of view which is proving difficult since I can’t see any of this. We have out Merit Badge Counselor list on Scout Book. Are there any repercussions for an IA 2.0 unit logging into Scoutbook? Can they continue to use IA 2.0 if they only look at the merit badge counselor list in Scoutbook? I just imagine all sorts of buggy things happening if a unit accidentally enters avancement/unit information into both IA 2.0 and Scoutbook. Thanks for your help!

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Since the issue of Internet Advancement marking awards as awarded has been fixed, we do not know of any issues with a unit logging in to both Scoutbook and IA.

Who has the authority / permission to see the MBC list on Scout Book? When I was Committee Chair, I could see it / add/modify it. Now, as a committee member and MB counselor, I can’t see to see it or do anything to it.

Hi, @RobertZahm,

Is this in IA2 or in Scoutbook? I don’t recall ever being able to see a list of MBCs in IA.

In Scoutbook, the list should be visible to registered leaders from My Dashboard → My Units → MB Counselor List (scroll down to the bottom)

Once any given council has uploaded their official council list to Scoutbook, unit-level personnel can no longer edit the list. If there is an error, you have to reach out to the person in your council responsible for uploading that list to get it fixed.

I just became a Merit Badge Counselor today in my second Council.
I can see myself as a MBC through my one Scoutbook login and can add myself via the connections page in my other login.
Why can’t I see myself in the MBC List of the other Council?
Would the registrar need to re-upload the MBC list in both Councils?
In both Councils I marked “Counselor for any Scout in the BSA”, can Councils limit the view of MBC to certain Councils in the area?
Does it take 48hrs for them to update automatically?


It takes an overnight sync to load an MBC into Scoutbook.

There is no capability in Scoutbook to limit visibility to multiple Councils. You can either be returned in the search results for the Council where you are registered or in all Councils.

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