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Merit Badge Counselor Problems

I am registered as a Merit Badge Counselor for New Birth of Freedom/Keystone Capital in Pennsylvania and this is my first time using Scoutbook for badges.
I am suppose to be listed as a Merit Badge Counselor in the myscouting.org website for active position.
In the scoutbook under the My Connection tab, there is no red Add button for Merit Badge Counselor like me to add scout and connect.
Please help me with both of these problems as they have not been resolve yet. I check with main people and they helped somewhat. Thanks.

Hi, @KimberlyHansen,

When you look under My Dashboard -> My Account -> My Positions, do you show a current merit badge counselor position?

I’m listed with my council (and at my.scouting), but, due to some errors during their last upload, I don’t currently show in Scoutbook.

I was able to do Merit Badge Counselor in my scoutbook but in myscouting,org I am not listed as a Merit Badge Counselor.

OK. I think I’m confused. Are there two issues?

Issue 1
You’ve submitted your registration to the council as a merit badge counselor, but you don’t currently show as a counselor when you look in my.scouting.

That’s a registration issue, that has to be resolved by your council.

Issue 2
You are listed as a merit badge counselor in Scoutbook, but don’t have the connect to scout button? That might be the result of your position not matching up with what’s at my.scouting.

Could you take a couple of screenshots to help clarify the issues? Maybe your positions as listed at my.scouting, your positions listed in Scoutbook, and the screen where you’re getting the error?

ETA: For example, at Scoutbook, my positions look like:

At my.scouting, my positions look like this:

Sorry the scoutbook pic might be a little blurry.

OK, it looks like you have several duplicate or semi-duplicate counselor positions in Scoutbook, and don’t appear at all in my.scouting. No wonder things aren’t working well.

Did you or an admin for your unit enter the counselor positions? The easiest way to tell how the position was added is to click on the position and look at what’s in the comments field. For example, for one of the positions added by my council, it says:

I know that there’s been an issue recently with council uploads creating duplicates in an inconsistent fashion, and this looks sorta like that. However, it’s odd that you don’t show a counselor position in your my.scouting if you’re being uploaded by your council.

There is no optional notes on all the positions that I have listed.

@KimberlyHansen - if you have a Windows PC you can use snipping tool for screenshot capture. That would make it clearer. I would gather that you clicked into each position to see the notes. It would appear that you have no position listed in council. Has the recharter processed for your unit ? Also I would think that an adult app was submitted to council for the MBC position.

The easiest way to create a screen capture in Windows is to press the Shift, Windows, and S keys simultaneously. Your screen will change color a bit, then you can click and drag the part of the screen you want to capture. Then you can paste it into the entry window here by pressing Control-V.

@KennethAdams - yes indeed and thanks for pointing that out as well. It is certainly better than trying to get a good photo of the screens. The shortcut for the new snip tool.

thank you for your reply. I went through and tried to sent in another one. According to them, I am on the list as a Merit Badge Counselor but my position title is not listed under Active positions on myscouting.org and I hope I did scoutbook right for my name to show up as counselor.

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