Merit badge counselor quick connect doesn't connect

I am my unit’s advancement chair. One of our merit badge counselors is working with a class of scouts within our unit (the counselor is also an ASM in the unit and has Full Control connections in connection manager to all the scouts). Yesterday morning, I used the Quick Entry option to start the merit badge for all the scouts attending the class. As part of that, I checked the box to Invite a Counselor, and selected the counselor in question. It successfully added the merit badge to all the scouts. However, the counselor reported to me this morning that he does not have any MB counselor connections to any scouts for that merit badge. I have confirmed that the scouts do not show as having any connected counselor.

Since all the scouts now have the merit badge started, I used the instructions here to try connecting them again, since I’d rather not have to do it one by one if I can avoid it: 8ah. Merit Badge Counselor Quick Invite Extension for Scoutbook.pdf - Google Drive. However, when I click the Invite button under the counselor’s name, it pops up a message that says “No Scouts started this Merit Badge that need a Counselor”. I started the merit badge for another scout that I know will begin it soon but isn’t participating in this class (the normal Scoutbook way, not the quick start Feature Assistant way, so no Invite involved). I still get this message.

I found the issue with this and published a new release today with the fix.

Thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately, I’m still getting the same notice.

Correction, I thought the FA had updated, but it either had some smaller update in between (which I’m guessing is less likely), or (more likely), I still had the documentation page open when I restarted my browser and mistook it for an update. It just updated again and is working properly now.


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