Quick Connecting Merit Badge Counselor not working/leader in troop not connected to any scout

It used to be that when I quick entry started a new merit badge for the troop it would let me select the counselor now it does not give me that option. How do I mass connect my scouts to a counselor now?
He is a leader in our troop but is not shown as connected to any scouts in the troop. I am a key three delegate. None of the normal connecting methods work. Council couldn’t help. His SB# is12310862.

I think that may have been a feature assistant feature that was temporarily disabled. If I’m correct it was re-enabled today.

this does not explain why he does not show up in the connection manager area.

SB user 12310862 - is connected to tons of scouts I assume in T100 at least the few I checked

Connections manager has multiple pages. Do you need to click on the page links to find him?

I had to use a work around to connect him to the scouts one by one for the merit badge we are doing. Laborious but it worked.
Is there a reason why he doesn’t show up in the connections management page? The one with all the circles. it would be the 5th page in what I can see based on his last name.

Generally, all the leaders are first. Then, the non-registered parents. So, it may not be the 5th page.

thanks, i’ve been fighting with it so much that the obvious didn’t even occur to me

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