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Have Connection to Scouts for MB Not Coming Up in MB List

I am a Merit Badge Counselor and have had some scouts added to the MB class I am currently running. I have Connections with all the scouts but not all of them are coming up under Quick Entry for MB Counselors or Edit Merit Badges for MB Counselors. To enter their information I need to go into the accounts of each scout that doesn’t come up on the list. I don’t see a rhyme or reason why it would do this. Is there something I can do to add them to the quick entry lists?

If you were invited to connect to the missing Scouts, but did not accept the invitation, the connection is still pending.

Go to your My Connections, and click on one of the missing Scout’s names, and see if you can get to their advancement information that way. If you see them but cannot see the MB or their advancement, the connection is still pending.

The extension simply uses this route in the background to get to the Scout advancement.

Curiosity - Are the scouts all on the same version of the MB?

Yes, they are all listed as Citizenship in the Community MB Requirements (2016-20)

I have accepted all invitations through the emails. I can get to each scout through my connections. But now I don’t have the Quick Entry for MB Counselors or Edit Merit Badges for MB Counselors links on my page.

Are you on Chrome or Firefox? Is the extension running? Do you see Feature Assistant Active in the footer of your Dashboard page?

I use Chrome. Not sure by what you mean about the extension. If it doesn’t come on automatically, then no. It says Feature Assistant Active at the bottom of the page in my Dashboard.
My Quick Entry for MB Counselors or Edit Merit Badges for MB Counselors links are back.

“Feature Assistant” is the extension.

If you are on a computer that does not have Feature Assistant installed on it, you won’t see those options. Were you using a different computer when you didn’t see the options?

Gary - I can see all the scouts now. Also, I have a new item under the MB stuff for uploading a CSV file. Is there some instructions on this option? Is this for uploading scouts that haven’t invited me to me their counselor in Scoutbook? Thanks!

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