Quick entry not connecting merit badge counselors

Since this is an issue with the feature extension assistant I’m not sure if reporting it here will be of any use, but I have tried three times to use the quick connect (I am the SM/ASM/Key 3 Delegate/Troop admin/I have all the privileges i need) in my boy and girl troops to connect me as a merit badge counselor. I can start the merit badge using it, I can group mark off requirements. In the past I have been able to mass connect others as counselors.


I suspect this is not working because you are already connected to the Scouts as a leader. In this case you would need to go to each Scout’s connection page, set the MBC connection type and select the MB you are counseling.

@GaryFeutz can comment as to if this is the expected behavior of the extension.

Which type of quick connect are you using? The CSV import, the one on the Scout’s page, or the one specific MBC and badge lookup?

I’m using the one from the website after I click on my units. Whatever that page is called. Screen shot below

and then yes the MBC look up and connect. I find myself and then invite

Thanks for the response.

I found the bug and will push out a new release when I am able.

Thank you, that was quick

The update has been released - it should auto-update your browser sometime today.

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