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Merit Badge Counselor Quick Entry does not work

As a Merit Badge Counselor, I have access to the Quick Entry for Merit Badge Requirements screen. This would be extremely useful to use when working with a few at a time. I do not believe it is working correctly, so I have not tried to enter this way. Instead I enter the requirements individually and stay away from the quick entry.

When going to the report, I am seeing the following:

  1. First, I see the dropdown to choose a merit badge. Listed are the merit badges that I have been linked to scouts to work with. In this case, three: Camping, Cooking, and Pioneering.
  2. I select Camping.
  3. On the next screen, the camping requirements show up along with the proper merit badge image. However, the drop down under “Choose Merit Badge” shows Pioneering, and there are no scouts listed to choose. If I click on the dropdown, Pioneering is the only option available to me. But clicking on it does nothing.

If I repeat the process with a different merit badge (Pioneering), there are the following differences:

  • All three merit badges from the start are listed in the drop down.
  • Only one of the scouts i am working with show up. (This is likely related to another bug I reported regarding scouts in both a Troop and a Crew.

My take on this is the following:

  • The initial dropdown is populated with merit badges I have worked with scouts on both now and in the past.
  • The actual merit badge page, when pulling up a merit badge where all scouts have completed, the dropdown only includes those merit badges with scouts actively working on the badge.
  • The actual merit badge page, when pulling up a merit badge where at least one scout (who is NOT a member of a Crew) is currently working on it, the dropdown includes all merit badges that I have worked with scouts on regardless if there are any actively working on it.
  • The actual merit badge page, when pulling up a merit badge where at least one scout (who IS a member of a Crew) is currently working on it, the dropdown only includes those merit badges with scouts actively working on the badge. However, there additional quirks because while the scout IS actively working on the badge in the Troop, the scout is NOT working on it through the Crew. It does appear, however, that Crew membership, when it exists, is the only membership looked at when looking at advancement (unless navigating directly to the profile and switching to the troop - and only then until you navigate away from that page)

I do not know how the form data is processed, and if the value in the drop down is used to determine what merit badge is being signed off, but the inconsistencies make me uncomfortable using the tool. It has a lot of potential, but I can’t bring myself to use it just yet.

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Are you referring to “Quick Entry for MB Counselors”?

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I just looked at the “Quick Entry for MB Counselors” and it sure seems buggy to me… I can’t switch from one MB to another without backing out to My Dashboard and going back in.

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OK, let me move this over to the Feature Assistant Extension area.

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Yes. That is the spot.

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This is part of the browser extension? Seems odd to me.

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Lots of stuff are part of the extension – it’s an excellent stopgap until the official SB site is updated by the devs.

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Are you listed as a Merit Badge Counselor by the Council or by your unit?

Also, are you connected in Scoutbook to the Scouts working with you for each of the bqdges?


I am listed by the council as a merit badge counselor.

For the examples given, they are in the same unit. I can go into their individual accounts and update manually there.

However, I have counselled another scout that is not part of any unit I am connected to, and the issues existed there as well.

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I have a feeling that the Crew/Troop issue is not related to the extension, but rather to Scoutbook itself based on other things within the system I have seen.

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Check your connections to the Scouts in your My Connections. You must be connected with a Merit Badge Counselor type of connection.

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Yes, I am connected as the Merit Badge Counselor for each one of the scouts involved. That is the first thing I checked.

I cannot duplicate what you are seeing. When choosing Report, there is no dropdown.

You should see

Clicking on a Merit Badge enables Scout checkboxes on the right hand side for Scouts that you are connected to.

Are you choosing Quick Entry for MB Counselors? image

That will have a dropdown, e.g. in Enter Merit badge Req. image
,as follows: image
I selected Art from the list and I get presented with

If I click on Choose Merit badge, I am presented with the same selection I had when I did earlier.

I am unable to follow the steps you listed so I do not know how I can help.

I misspoke when using the word report. Yes, I am choosing the Quick Entry for MB Counselors link.

Two important items when duplicating any of the issues.

First, one of the scouts must be in a Crew. This will duplicate the issue with not all scouts being visible.

Second, to duplicate the issue of merit badges showing up incorrectly, you must have a merit badge that you worked on with a scout previously (and has completed it), but no scouts currently working on it.

Following the instructions from your post above, here is where things differ:

After clicking on “Enter Merit Badge Req.”, I am presented with a dropdown with three merit badges. Those three badges are ones I either have counseled for, or are currently counseling for. The list is Camping, Cooking, and Pioneering.

Background: Camping and Cooking are ones where I have counseled in the past, but have no scouts currently working on it. Pioneering, I have scouts currently working on.

If I select Camping from the list, I see the following (no scouts listed, and the wrong merit badge in the dropdown):

If I try to change the dropdown, only Pioneering is shown which does not allow me to switch merit badges due to the fact that it doesn’t change and the event is firing on the change method.

If I click back to try and change the selection, only Pioneering is shown. While this isn’t necessarily a problem, as Pioneering is the only one I have an active scout for, it is an indicator for the issue as a whole.

At this point, I am able to select Pioneering. The result from this point is the same as if I started from the beginning and selected Pioneering. Once I get there, this is what I see:

Notice there is only one scout listed. The other scout is in a crew. I am set up as a counselor for the other scout. If, instead, you click on the option to sign it off instead, that scout is listed. (In the screenshot, I had to black out the names, but you will notice that there are two scouts available to select for Pioneering):

To add to the troubleshooting, and more evidence why I think this particular section is related to crew membership, if I click instead on “Edit Merit Badges for MB Counselors” and select Pioneering, I am presented with the same option as before between the two scouts. If I select the scout who is in a Crew, I get the following error message:

When I close that message, I am redirected to the Crew page for that scout’s crew. The issue there is that it is trying to do the advancement through the Crew, but her Scouts BSA advancement is being done through the troop. She is not set up to do that through the crew.

Hopefully, that helps explain a bit better and helps in the troubleshooting area. I know that the “Quick Entry for MB Counselors” is part of the extension, but I don’t think the second part of the issue is related to the extension, but rather to Scoutbook itself.

Can you look in your My Connections, and see if you have connections to Scouts for the Camping Merit Badge? If so, do those Scouts have a unit listed under their name? Are they in Troops, Crews, both, and/or more than one at a time?

Yes. I have connection to the one scout I have worked with on the Camping Merit Badge for. I currently have the following permissions:

  • View Profile
  • Approve Camping MB
  • Approve Cooking MB

He is a member of only a Troop.

Would you be open to doing a screen share with me? I cannot replicate the issue and as the developer would like to get it fixed.

I am open to a screenshare. I am a PHP developer. Wish they would let me help out with it too.

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