Merit Badge Counselors not pushing from ScoutNet to ScoutBook

I have 4 Merit Badge Counselors who were registered in ScoutNet on Dec. 8. When I tried to upload their Merit Badges to ScoutBook after 48 hours, I get “BSA Member ID does not exist in Scoutbook” error. It has now been over a week, and I am still getting the same Member ID does not exist in Scoutbook error.

The other 1120 counselors in the upload successfully updated their ScoutBook records. The counselors that don’t upload are:

BSA Member / First Name / Last Name
12401923 / Vijayasekaran / Boovaragavan
7270504 / Jeryd / Leuck
13307856 / |Min / She
12289932 / Jocelyn / Weinhagen

Earlier this week, to try to force an update to ScoutBook, I manually entered Merit Badges for each of them in ScoutNet. That did not fix the problem.

What else can I do to force their ScoutNet MBC Registration to push over to ScoutBook???

Greg Buchanan

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Check the MID on the 3rd one. The MID you provided is not in your Council and the name does not match.

The others all appear to have SB accounts and MIDs in a different Council. The 2nd one has 4 Scoutbook accounts.

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