Merit badge counselors not showing up on Council list on Scout book

I am council employee, when I look up my counselors in I have 954 of them but when I look at the list in Scoutbook it shows 755. I have completed the renewal of them by the end of July before the new prices went into effect. When will all my counselors show up? I am getting calls from volunteers who are registered merit badge counselors who are not showing up on the list in scout book who wish to work with Scouts. I tell them to work with them the old fashioned way with blue cards until Scout book gets straightened out. Please help

You can post examples of MIDs and we can look

@MichelleBaumann I suggest you review the BSA employee training on PII - lets NOT post PII of users to an open forum please - just a sample of a hand full of MIDs is all we need - 13457693, and 14329875 do not appear in Scoutbook as an example


My apologies since it was so many missing so many (177) it was easier to post the reports. The Scout book report is a mess. The bottom line is that it does not reflect what is recorded in It is not syncing.

As stated before - post 2-3 MIDs and we can investigate @MichelleBaumann

12372764, 108368766, 114196545 It is a syncing problem!

@MichelleBaumann One common thread is all the closed MBCs are assigned to Expired-Santiam River - Old District - closed 7/21/23

So if that District is not Expired you should probably send in a national Membercare ticket to solve it

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We had to recreate all our districts to assign them to new service areas which was also done before August 1st, and I made sure I put all the mbc’s that renewed into the new districts I have also opened a ticket in member care as well.