Merit badge count for aged out scouts

Is there a way to research how many merit badges that an Eagle Scout received after they have aged off the roster? We are preparing to award the covid backlog of ECoH and I unfortunately did not enter or order the palms when they had their reviews or before they went to adult status. Hoping for a simple answer other than asking the Scouts to count what’s on the sash…thanks from a troop advancement chair.

an admin can go to dashboard > Reports > Scout history - pull it up by BSA # and last name

Looking at “individual advancement report” has no option to search previous. Don’t see a “scout history “
Looking under “troop reports” right?

Ok I found where to search. Now need to find bsa numbers

A good source for those is copies of prior recharter packets.

If you can’t find that, you might be able to get your registrar to assist in locating the BSA IDs, but they might only release it to the parent. I’ve seen things go both ways before on that.

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