See my merit badges (as an adult)

Last year, I migrated from being a youth member of my troop to an adult leader. Everything seems to have been processed fine in Scoutbook (shown as adult under troop roster, have certain leader permissions, etc.), but I cannot see my own merit badges that I earned as a scout.

As a scout, I was never able to see my own merit badges (which I think is the case for all scouts normally), but my dad would always be able to view/edit my advancements (and he still can). I am also able to see the advancements of youth scouts in my troop. Is there any way that, as an adult, I can see the merit badges I have earned?


You can see your record by going to My Dashboard → Reports then selecting Scouts BSA History Report, entering your BSA Member ID and last name.

I don’t see “Scouts BSA History Report” under the Reports menu. When I go to “Individual Report” under that menu, I see this option, but I can only see the scouts in my troop, and no option to enter a BSA ID.

I think you have to be a unit Admin in order to see that option.

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@LoganW9999 - perhaps council can provide you with the abstract of your record.

Just to clarify, this is not necessarily something I need to have, it is just that I would like to see my merit badge history whenever I would like to. That being said, I would just like to be able to see it on scoutbook (or at least a pdf of everything).

I just think that there should be someway for me to see it, as my dad can see it and I have the ability to see other scout’s records.

At present, the only way for an adult to pull their own records is using the Cub Scout History and/or Scouts BSA History report. These require, I believe, either Unit Admin privileges or Key 3/Key 3 Delegate privileges.

I know that this has been requested previously, and before there was no way to view the history at all. This is a significant step forward. The SUAC has indicated that, per BSA IT, features for adult accounts are prioritized behind basically all youth-serving features. I wouldn’t expect to see such a change before Scoutbook is completely ported over to the new codebase at some point in the future, if then.

@LoganW9999 - I am indeed intrigued by the fact that your father can see your scout record. Is that a current thing ? It almost makes me wonder if perhaps you have two BSA ID’s… with one still being a youth.

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@LoganW9999 are you still active in a Venturing Crew? We have one adult that aged out of Scouts BSA, but is still in a Venture Crew – As a unit leader, I can see his profile in both youth- and adult-format.

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I am not currently in a Venturing Crew, so that would not be the case.

I do not think that I have two separate BSA IDs, aas I don’t see two separate versions of me, and all of my other data during my youth (leadership positions, OA) are available for me to see on my account. I will have to verify if there are any connection-type permissions my dad still holds on my account, or if I really do have two separate IDs, but I will check later.

This is just a side note, but my son (still a youth) can see all of his merit badges and other awards he’s earned in Scoutbook. As advancement chair, I set his account up as the ginea pig before connecting other youth in the troop; but he uses it quite a bit now for Sea Scouts: marking off what he’s worked on so his skipper can easily find and approve it.

Given that you couldn’t see your merit badges as a scout, I think your account is set up incorrectly, or you have two BSA ID numbers.

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I’m a Cubmaster. I don’t see a Scout History report available. Is this something only available to leaders in Scouts BSA?

I am not a Key 3 holder in my Pack but I do have Pack Admin access.

To run the Cub Scout History Report, go to your Dashboard. There should be an options called Report Menu at the bottom. Click on that and then choose Cub Scout History Report from the menu of report options.

So I was able to look into it, and my BSA ID and User ID are the same between what I see and what my dad sees. Maybe my account wasn’t set up correctly, but I am not sure.

For now, I was able to save the PDF of my Scout BSA Report to my phone (using my dad’s account), but it would still be nice for the Scoutbook accessibility.

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