Merit Badge earned/ partials for entire Troop Report

I am the advancement chair for my unit. I am looking for a report that will layout the scouts across the top (names sideways to keep the columns narrow) and rows covering first all Eagle required MBs and then followed by any optional ones earned by a scout. Hoping to use this to see what we need to work on with the troop. I really don’t see a way to get this troop leadership position view. It would be nice to have either a check for earned or a percentage if it is a partial.

Is there something like this? Can one be created? I have seen a ton of stuff about existing reports but can’t find them - I only see about 6 listed on the report tab, and most of those are focused on ordering stuff for a COH and the sort.

@TimothyMcMichael - That would be from the unit page in scoutbook, then reports, then report builder, then click on scouts BSA.

You can also share the reports with others if you save it

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