What's with the year version designation?

What is the point of the designation of different “versions” of the achievement by year? I don’t ever remember explicitly selecting a year when checking off achievements. But now I have most of them in 2016 but a few in 2019. I’m not sure what the year designation is for, and do I need to move everything to a specific year? What’s the point of this?

With Merit Badges, a Scout can continue working on the version they started with. The Scout does not need to switch to an updated version. Because of this, Scoutbook must contain each of the previous MB versions. If a Scout started on an old version but just starts using Scoutbook now, those old versions need to be present.

When a Scout starts working on an award, the newest version should always be selected.

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@BartonChew - the year designations are based on revisions to requirements which happen annually in scouting programs. Most often the prior years will apply to those who completed the requirements at that time. For those who start new in working items should be on the new requirements. Changes to Requirements

Advancement requirements change from time to time. For Scouts BSA, check the latest edition of the Scouts BSA Requirements book. Once a new or revised requirement appears in that publication, which is released annually, any Scout beginning work on the next rank or Eagle Palm must use the new or revised requirement as stated there.

If a new or revised rank or Eagle Palm requirement is introduced in a reprinting of the Scouts BSA Handbook after the annual release of the Scouts BSA Requirements book , then the Scout has until the following December 31 to decide what to do. The Scout may continue—or begin work—using the old requirements, or may switch to—or begin work—using the new requirements. Any Scout who chooses to use the old requirements may continue using them until the rank has been completed. Sometimes, however—especially for more significant changes—the Scouts BSA Handbook , the Scouts BSA Requirements book, or official communications from the National Council may set forth a different procedure that must be used and may establish a date by when use of the old requirements must cease.

For Cub Scouting, Venturing, or Sea Scouts, revisions to rank or Venturing award requirements are introduced in the youth handbook. Unless the handbook says differently, the following applies: The member has until the next January 1 to decide whether to continue work—or to begin work—on the old requirements, or to switch to— or begin work—using the new requirements. Unless otherwise stated in the youth handbook or through official communications from the National Council, if a Cub Scout, Venturer, or Sea Scout chooses to use the old requirements, he or she may continue using them until the rank or award is completed.

For handling changes to merit badge requirements, see “What to Do When Requirements Change,”

A former member who rejoins a BSA program, still as a youth member, may carry on in the advancement and pick up where they left off, but will not receive credit for activities while not registered. A former member who is no longer eligible to participate in a BSA program as a youth member due to age, for example, can neither receive credit for completing advancement requirements nor be awarded any advancement-oriented recognition such as ranks or merit badges, etc., that the individual was ineligible to earn as a youth member under the rules in effect at that time.

So I should move checkmarks if they got recorded in a later year than the majority of the other achievements for that scout?

It doesn’t look like I can change it. What a mess.

What are you trying to do? If you are trying to change the version of a Merit Badge, you must click on the Percent Complete line under the MB then select Remove Badge, re-add the badge and change the version before marking anything complete. Ranks and some awards can have the version changed after starting them.

Are you asking about Cub Scouts? Or Scouts BSA?

With Cub Scouts, they make changes to the program from time to time, and there is usually a transition period that is announced by the BSA. In most cases, the program changes become mandatory when Cub Scouts move up to the next den level.

The most recent changes were made in 2018, so all Cub Scouts should be on the current version of all rank, adventure, and award requirements.

Once a rank or adventure is marked as completed, the version year gets locked in. After it’s locked in, the only way to change the version year in Scoutbook is to remove the completion.

This is true, but the BSA only really cares that the rank or award was completed, not which version was marked complete. The tools registrars use to validate advancement do not show the version, only the award name and completion date.

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@BartonChew - can you clarify what it is you are trying to do and what specific items ?

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