Merit Badge Sync not working for some Scouts?

Been using Scoutbook since before BSA acquired it.

We are working with our local Council regarding a couple of our Scouts, one of which is having is Eagle Application reviewed.

Scout Book shows that the Scouts in question has multiple merit badges, and they also show up in “Internet Advancement” portal too.

When Council goes into my.scouting for Eagle Application review, they are showing NO Merit Badges?

The Scout going though Eagle App review has 33 merit badges. Local council can see their full CS career. They also confirmed that there is only on BSA ID for each of the affected Scouts.

Has anyone see the same for their Scouts? If so, what needed to be done to correct?



Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID and we will look.


128131111 - Eagle App in review


I see 33 MBs for the first Scout and 24 for the second. I don’t see any additional BSA Member IDs (MIDs) within the BSA for these Scouts (Councils can only see their own MIDs)

The registrar may need to open a ticket with Member Care to resolve.

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