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Merit Badges not showing up in Scoutbook

I’m the merit badge coordinator for our District. I have a handful of merit badge coordinators whose information is correct in my.scouting.org, but not in Scoutbook. Some are missing a few merit badges, some are missing all of their merit badges. I was hoping the release on July 12th would fix this, but it hasn’t. Any ideas on how to fix this?

How is your council associating specific badges with your MBCs? Are they uploading a file to Scoutbook, or associating the MBs with the counselors in ScoutNet? I think that the latter location is the preferred method.

Yes, they are uploading the file to ScoutNet.

@LynnCrochetiere if you give us some BSA #s of MBCs you feel have this issue we can take a look

Thanks, Donovan! Here are 3 where some or all of the merit badges in my.scouting.org reports are not showing up in Scoutbook:

And 12446930 is listed as a MBC in my.scouting.org (with his badge) but not even showing up as a MBC in Scoutbook.

@LynnCrochetiere #1-2 - have no MBs in ScoutNET
#3-4 do (4 only has one MB) - and I have set a sync for them to see if it helps around 4pm CST today

Thanks, Donovan.

Just realized #2 had a multiple BSA ID issue going on. He’s in my.scouting.org under 13790448 and his merit badges (4) are listed there. And I can find him in Scoutbook too, so that was my bad.

#3’s badges all seem to be in Scoutbook now.

I’m still not seeing #4. I’ve tried searching by MB, and by last name–I’m just not seeing him in SB.

I’ve had a couple of hang-ups that caught me when searching for MBCs:

  1. Is the availability toggled to “both”?
  2. If I used the zip code, is distance set to “any”?
  3. If I am searching by name, is the zip code blank?

Thanks, @CharleyHamilton. Yes, I checked all those.