Merit Badges Not Showing Up in my.scouting

Scout 136134805 is ready for her Eagle Board of Review. Her earned Merit Badges are visible in Volunteer Support Tools and in Scoutbook, where they are all marked “Completed” and “Leader Approved”. But they do not show up in her profile in my.scouting. This is preventing the processing of her Egle application. Why do her merit badges not show up in her my.scouting profile?

@JuddStiff It’s because she is dual registered in 2 councils. As a result, she also has 2 Scoutbook accounts (Scoutbook userIDs).

It looks like her BSA member ID number with your council is currently on the wrong Scoutbook account.

@JuddStiff This should be fixed, although you might need to wait for an overnight sync to run.

All fixed! Problem solved, and the Scout is happy. Thanks

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