Merit Badges Not Awarded Won't Go On Needs to be Purchased Report

A scout transferred to our troop. His previous troop marked six merit badges as Completed and Leader Approved. I accidentally marked them as Awarded, then discovered his previous troop had never given him the merit badges. I manually changed the merit badge status to Not Awarded on all six, but only two of them went on the Needs to be Purchased report. I tried manually changing the other four to not approved, then marking the Leader Approved. They still did not go on the Purchase report. I tried logging off and clearing the cache, but it still did not work.

I checked my POs and none of these merit badges were in a PO for my troop.

How can I get the four merit badges to go on the Purchase report so I can buy them for this scout?

They could be sitting on a PO for the other Troop = I would just make a manual Advancement report to turn in

Thanks, Donovan, I just thought of that, too.

Should I go ahead and create the PO for the two that do show up on the report? That won’t hurt anything, will it?

yeah less to write that way - then just tell shop the MBs are in system just stuck in transition

Thanks, I will do that.

The needs awarding report tells you if/which PO they are on.

Thanks, I will check that.

Yes, it definitely looks like they went to the other troop’s POs. My wife is taking the manual Advancement Report to the Scout Shop new along with the PO and Advancement Report I just generated. Thanks for all your help.

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