SB marks Merit Badge as Earned, no PO

Folks - we are seeing some scoutbook merit badges marked as Earned. They have not been presented, and the check box for presented is blank. However, these badges don’t show up in the Needs Purchasing report. Seems to occur for older scouts, such as Eagles who just turned 18 but earned the badge as 17 year olds, or older scouts in general. No info online about MBs labelled Earned. Ideas? thanks

Scoutbook places awards on POs if they are Leader Approved, not Awarded and not on a closed PO. Are you sure these are are not on any closed PO?

Please post a screenshot (minus last names) of what you see when you click on the box next to where it says “Earned”.

Good call - they were on a prior PO that was closed (generated in error). I merged it into the new open one using the menu buttons and seems good to go. thanks!

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