Merit badges listed on someone else's purchase order - can't generate advancement report for purchase

A couple of our Scouts have all of their merit badges listed as already purchased on PO #718787. This is not listed among our unit’s other purchase orders, and the system doesn’t tell me who that PO belongs to. Those Scouts do belong to a Crew as well, but that Crew has assured me they didn’t use the purchase order system. So I don’t know what might have happened.

Because they’re already on SOMEONE’s purchase order, I can’t add them to ours, nor can I generate an advancement report for them, which I need in order to purchase them.

I realize I can do this by hand. But that’s tedious. And does nothing for preventing this from happening again. I’m wondering if there’s some way for me to contact Scoutbook to get more information about this mysterious PO, or to have those merit badges get marked as un-purchased, so I do all of this the right way?

Before you ask, yes, I’ve already reached out to our Council, as instructed for any Scoutbook questions. And as expected, they hadn’t the foggiest, and reminded me that they don’t have access to Scoutbook, so they know nothing about it. I sure wish that Scoutbook help desk was still available…

Gwendy Darling
Advancement Coordinator
Troop 282, OTC

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