Messages not delivering to selected

Hi ,
Is anyone having a problem with Scoutbook messages not being delivered to all those selected ? It seems to be dropping recipients randomly.

Have you checked the Send Message interface to make sure the recipients haven’t turned off email? It says “No Email” (I think) next to their name. I get hit with that periodically, and have to ask folks if it was intentional.

@CharleyHamilton Good thought! I checked and I am able to select the parent to send message and also their profile has no note that email is turned off.

Rats. Another perfectly good idea shot down by the facts. :^)

When you say “randomly”, do you mean sometimes a person gets the message, sometimes they don’t, but it’s always some subset of the same group of people having the issue? Or is it different people each time? Are they all on different mail providers? Does it happen for all senders, or only a small group of senders?

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