You cannot send a Message to scouts

If you select only scouts when sending a message, it gives you an error requiring you to also select an adult to sent it to. This should not be required, as all messages are also sent to scouts’ parents.

I’ve only gotten this message if I have a scout (connected to their account) whose only connected parent has opted-out of receiving emails. Do all of your scouts have at least one connected parent who hasn’t opted-out?

All of our scouts have at least one connected parent. I can’t even send a message to my son without this error.

OK. I fiddled with it and was able to reproduce the bug. Previously, when any scout’s email address was selected, Scoutbook also automatically selected any connected parents as recipients. Now, it is only selecting the scout. That looks like the root of the bug.

I was able to reproduce the bug from both

My Dashboard → Messages → Send Message

and from

My Dashboard → My Units → Messages → Send Message

for multiple scouts in my unit, including my son.

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no parents still get it I just tested

Ok. Something else intermittent is going on, then. I duplicated the issue just now on my phone under chrome. Last night, I got it to fail without the extension under chrome and firefox in an incognito/private browsing window.

ETA: To be clear, I can still manually select at least one parent and the message will send. It just does not appear to be automatically selecting the parents.

They only time parents are automatically selected is if you use send message from the den/patrol page. Otherwise, they are copied on emails to their scouts, but the system requires at least two adults who have not opted out to be selected.

That’s not the behavior I recall, but it wouldn’t be the first time my memory misled me about Scoutbook features/behaviors. Was this a recent change in behavior that I missed, or have my fingers just been automatically selecting the parents out of habit? I’ve definitely only gotten that message before when I had parents who had opted-out of receiving emails.

That seems like an odd design choice. Was there any indication why this would be done automatically when messages are sent from the den/patrol page, but not when sent from the user or unit-level Send Messages interface? It seems like automatically selecting the parents when you select the scout should be the default from any of the messaging interfaces. If a parent can’t be selected (e.g. opted-out of email or didn’t provide cell number for text messaging), then I can see a reason for the system to throw an error and require a second adult to be manually added to the recipient list. Maybe I’m missing some programming complexity that doesn’t seem obvious to me from the user side.

No one is automatically selected when using send message from my dashboard or the unit page. If you’re like me, you automatically click select all on all the sections.

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