Messaging center

I am trying to locate the Messaging center so that I can add my Scouts new email address and connect him to Scoutbook.
I have the directions on how to do what is needed if someone can just direct me to where the messaging center is.
Thank you.

Is this in the Scouting App or in the Scoutbook website? The interfaces are different…

In you go to the Scout > Edit Profile > at very bottom there is an invite button only parents can see

I don’t see the Invitebutton as my Scout has already been added to Scoutbook.
We had to set up a new email for him and need to get the new email connected to Scoutbook, but I can’t do that without going to the Messaging center where I would unclick BCC, ect.

so does you scout already have an email in Scoutbook?

I am logging into Scoutbook to try to accomplish this.

He does, but honestly we don’t even use it or remember what it is :frowning_face:
He has been entering his progress using my Scoutbook login, but he really needs to use his own login.

My problem is that I do not know how to access or locate the Messaging Center.

then he needs to log in to change the email - only logging in with that account can change the email - or else send an email to

Messaging Center has nothing to do with it

The directions I have say to locate my Scout’s name in the messaging center and unclick BCC so that I can reignite him to Scoutbook.

Ah…That should help you track down the email address attached to his account.

Messaging Center is located under My Dashboard → Messages → Send Message. Send a message to your scout and yourself, untick the BCC box, and that should include your scout’s email address (AKA Scoutbook login) in the email that goes to you.

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Thank you so much!! I will attempt this.

then you will still have to log in as him to change the email

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Yes. What Donovan said.

If you can’t log into your scout’s Scoutbook account once you find out the email address (i.e. guessing the password), and you can’t log into the existing email account associated with the Scoutbook account to retrieve the temporary password from the Forgot Password link, you’ll still have to email to get them to reset the email address.

So when I get to the messaging center where I have the option to unclick the BCC, my Boy Scout’s name is not there.
I have the list of parents and leaders for my Cub Scout’s Pack. But it won’t allow me to change the unit to fi d the list for my Boy Scout’s Troop.

I’m ready to just continue to let him sign in on my Scoutbook to enter his progress.

Are you also a unit leader in the troop? If so, you may be able to hunt him down to send email that way.

My Dashboard → My Units → Troop ### → Send Message

That should (I think) set the proper unit focus so you get the email list for the troop.

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Thank you both for trying to help.
I have emailed support to have his email updated and will go from there.

@SherieGragg - so I gather you could not see the troop from the dashboard>administration.

I think I might have figured that part out finally, lol.

But I had to send an email to support to update his email address as we don’t remember what it was.