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Messaging Center only lists Adult Leaders and Parents no Scouts

I am the SM for the Girl Troop and now I am trying to link my son to his Scoutbook account and we are missing the link to send the invite. I have found this information in my search.

If a parent does not see the Invite Scout to Connect button at the bottom of the Scout’s Edit Profile Screen, then the Scout has already been invited and an account has already been setup for them with their email address as his User Name. Go to the Messaging Center and click on the Scout’s name, unclick the BCC option and send the Scout an email to log into Scoutbook. They can use the Forgot Password? option on the login window to reset their password if they forgot it.

When I go to the Messaging Center I only see Adult Leaders and Parents/Guardians. There are only 2 scouts listed. I am not sure where to go to if my son was previously sent a link and never used it or if I am set up with some wrong connections.

When you see your name in messaging screen in the parents section, is your son’s name listed below you?

@CandiDirian It looks like your son has a my.scouting account, but his e-mail is not in Scoutbook. I will send you a private message.

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