Migrating from TroopMaster to SB/IA, migrating service hours and camping nights

Since he was already an OA member, we added the election and ordeal dates into his profile so these ‘missing’ camping nights will not affect our OA eligibility report (thankfully).

I wondered about that 60 night entry (you read my mind), but I am not sure he needs the nights in there. My primary concern is to make sure this does not affect his Eagle requirements or application.

It sounds like you have the Scout’s individual activity report from TroopMaster. I would make sure that the Scout / Scout’s family has a copy of the report.

It will not affect the Scout’s Eagle requirements or application, because the camping log is not connected to them.

His family has a copy. Sounds like there is no problem to be worried about.
thanks @JenniferOlinger

One thing for which logging the “old” nights might be useful is credit towards the National Outdoor Award for Camping:

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You could have each scout enter their own camping and service logs into scoutbook then do a mass approval.