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Can we use Scoutbook and still export reports from TWH to Internet Advancement?

Our troop is already using Scoutbook, but it was not meeting all of our needs. We just started using TroopWebHost and were hoping to be able to export our advancement reports into Scoutbook - apparently that feature is not available.

I know TWH can export to Internet Advancement, but I was wondering if we can still do that since our troop is already using ScoutBook? It says that IA and SB use the same database but it also says not to use IA if you are already using SB.

Any help is appreciated.

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if you use twhost, import the file into internet advancement.
and don’t also enter the stuff in scoutbook to avoid any duplication.
If you stop using scoutbook, it will continue to exist running in the background, so you might want to clean up who is members and admin and clean up connections and such on scoutbook occasionally.

That’s what I discovered --our troop tried scoutbook for troop several years ago and then abandoned using it when they decided scoutbook was a poor application compared to the functionality of twhost. They used the old internet advancement and then moved to using the new IA 2.0.

But The troop’s scoutbook was running all along since then unmonitored by the troop (or BSA it appears).
I logged into scoutbook recently to see, as they are debating using scoutbook to see if things would work better now years later.
I found all the adults with connections to scouts, who are no longer in bsa at all, no current ypt, hadn’t been registered for years-- well they still have active connections to tsome of our older scouts and can see all their data, or could add mb and rank if they wanted to do so and had prior full control.

I would think that when an adult’s registration with BSA ends, BSA would end all of their connections on scoutbook.
Since those adults aren’t in the troop, they don’t show on the troop’s connections management page, you have to click each scout and end the connection there.

There is nothing that would prevent you from doing that. I would limit advancement tracking to one place or the other since they write to the same db and have different work flows.

This link might be helpful: https://help.scoutbook.com/knowledge-base/upload-file-print-report-for-scout-shop-in-internet-advancement-2-0/ It provides detailed instructions for uploading a file to Internet Advancement.

You would use this process to load an advancement file you exported from TroopWebHost.

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