Military Scout with multiple accounts


I think I asked to consolidate accounts for this Scout and his family before but we are still having issues.

Correct ID number for Kid 1: 137523360
other possible id numbers for kid 1: 131809267, 135632993, 137222238
another issue is that Kid 1 goes by his middle name…some of the accounts might have the middle name as the first name she stated.

Correct ID number for Mom: 137207015
Mom has 3 accounts but can only access one. I can give you the user name in a private message if needed. I was able to have her connect kid 1 to the account she can access yesterday but she still can’t see kid 2.

There is a kid 2. I don’t have a number for this Scouts. His first name is Thomas and he should be in Pack 1965. The mom would like to have both her Scouts on the 1 account she can access.

Please advise

@RebeccaClark all SB users for this scout #1 (even looking by middle name) were merged in Nov and Dec of last year

I fixed mothers account and the Scout 2 only has the one account active

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