Missing all scouts in scout book

All my scouts are missing. Scout book shows me 6 adults 0 scouts? Is there a outage or major problem? GNYC New York City.


Your registration has lapsed. It appears your unit did not recharter. You will need to contact your Council for assistance.

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We are currently going through this. Our council has told us that it has to do with the recharter being processed. On Tuesday we were told it was processed (we turned it in on time but has taken til now to process it?) and that we should have everything back in 48 hours. It is now 72 hours and nothing is back. We were told the person handling our recharter will be out of office until Thursday…so still no answers or scout book. Good luck.


I see your recharter has been posted. There is 1 of 19 and 3 of 13 leaders on your Scoutbook roster. I have asked the developers to investigate why they were not all added.

Those have been there the entire time…leaders never disappeared and the scout appeared. We had turned in his application in January (or earlier) but he never got added to scout book. Thank you for looking into this for me.

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