Missing cubs on scoutbook

I have 4 webelos cubs that have disappeared from my Scoutbook acct., can you help
Pack 0005 in Corning, CA

As a first pass, have you or one of your unit Key 3 (CM, CC, COR) verified that the scouts are on your official roster at my.scouting.org? If they are not on your official roster there, then those scouts won’t appear in the Scoutbook roster. To resolve that issue, you would need to contact your council registrar to find out what happened with their registrations.

This should be fixed for you now.

Tonight this happened to just 1 of my webelo’s. he was there this afternoon and now gone. I have checked the my.scouting roster and his membership is still current.

@danielwilliams1 If you post the Scout’s BSA member number or Scoutbook userID, we can take a look.

Pack 88 Susquehanna Council 137145794


According to the data I can see in the DB, you added an end date to the Scout’s membership. Because it appears that your pack’s recharter has not been posted, I can’t bring the Scout back into the unit as my tools only work when a Scout is not in the registration grace period.

Your pack’s treasurer is still connected to the Scout with full control and could go to the Scout’s membership page, select the ended membership and remove the end date. After clicking Update, go back into the membership, set the Approved check box and click update again.

Thank you for the help! we have him back on. Still not sure how the end date got in there. but at least we know how to fix it. thank you again for the advice!

Thanks, they’re back on.

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I just logged in to work on Advancement and have 17 of my Cubs that are gone from my roster in Scoutbook. I have verified that they show up in my.Scouting.

Pack 13, Circle 10 Council

Here is the list of BSA numbers that vanished. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Maybe you should add your ID so that the SUAC can confirm that you don’t have two Scoutbook accounts (for various reasons) and they are there, but you can’t see them.

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Sure, but these scouts where visible with no problems since February (when the unit was created and the scouts were transferred in) and for several years prior to that in the previous unit.

Here are my IDs:
Scoutbook UserID: 1086468
(Primary) BSA#: 134838566

@SeanS I do see a couple duplicate scoutbook accounts for you that look like they have invalid email addresses. They end in .org1 and .ort. Any concerns if I delete those?

I’ll keep looking at the bigger issue.

Based on past experiences, I ALWAYS have concerns when there are duplicate Scoutbook accounts! :joy:

Before deletion, I’d be curious when they were created. If they are really old, then it likely isn’t a problem to delete. If they are recent then something strange is happening and don’t want to cause any ripple effects.

Happy to jump to DM if needed or even have a call.

Were these scouts all transfers from Pack 12 to Pack 13?

They were created in 2016 and 2018. It’s likely an artifact of you changing councils.

Yes, these were all transfers from Pack 12 to Pack 13

Another note on those. Neither have a member number, and you had never logged into either (probably because of the incorrect email).

Then those can likely be safely deleted.

Do any of the transfers still show up, or are they all gone?